3 Asphalt Maintenance Tips You Need Now

There are lots of reasons you want to make sure your parking lot looks amazing day after day. Not only can it help convince your customers that you’re the single best company to turn to, but it can also create a measure of safety that other parking lots just can’t match. You can’t, though, get those benefits without properly maintaining your parking lot. Wondering how to learn more about which asphalt maintenance tips are most important? Here’s a quick rundown.

1. Act now. There’s no way you’re going to keep an amazing parking lot if you don’t stay on top of things. As with any other building maintenance task, you have to handle the small repairs before they turn into much bigger problems. As soon as you begin to spot the tiniest problem, contact your asphalt paving company to make certain it doesn’t erode your entire surface.

2. Coating Matters. If you’re not already seal coating your parking lot on a regular basis, you probably should be. At the very least, you need to have a seal coating put on it every two years. You should, preferably, have the coating put on there once a year. Seal coating isn’t overly costly, but it can prevent a number of different problems, as even a sunny day can spell parking lot erosion.

3. Keep it clean. You probably keep your offices or shop pretty clean, right? Cleaning your parking lot is just as important. You may not realize it, but debris, dirt, fluids, and even bird excrement can all take a toll on your parking lot as a whole. Contaminants like these can damage the surface of the lot and even erode the coating. As a result, giving it a solid power wash now and then is an absolute must if you want it to continue to look good and stay in great condition over the coming months and years.
A good asphalt paving job can last for decades if you take good care of it. If you ignore it, though, you can bet you’ll have to undertake the expense of repaving it in the near future. To learn more about what you can do to protect your parking lot from problems, contact your paving company immediately for the tips and tricks you need to help maintain your parking lot, no matter what the top coating.

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New Holistic Technologies Help Patients with TMD and Teeth Grinding


Temporomandibular Joint Disorders have been in headlines recently as the invention of a holistic biofeedback headband is showing promise in detection and treatment of the painful conditions.

TMD, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorders are conditions that directly impact the hinge joints of the jaw, commonly referred to as the TMJ (temporomandibular joints). TMD can cause pain in the joint, as well as difficulties chewing and speaking. Often the cause of the problem is not entirely understood, but can, at times, be attributed to an accident involving whiplash or to a direct blow to the jaw. Arthritis can cause the joint to suffer from chronic pain as well. In other instances, regular grinding or clenching of the teeth can lead to stiffness, soreness, and even inflammation of the joint.

In Waco, TX, a TMJ Dentist will often hear complaints regarding noticeable swelling on the side of the face, a jaw that locks up, or sudden popping or grating sounds as the person speaks or chews. TMD can occur on a single side of the face or may impact both joints simultaneously. In fact, this will often help the dentist determine the likely cause of the discomfort and other symptoms.

The reason for the renewed interest in this long time condition within media sources was the news of Holistic Technologies FDA-approved SleepGuard. There have been mouth guards long in use by dental patients suffering with TMD. The mouth guard prevents the harsh grinding and clenching of the jaw that can significantly increase the effects of TMD. However, there are some complaints made by those who utilize the mouth guards.

The primary downfalls of the nighttime apparatus is regarding the comfort of wear, the cost, and the quick deterioration as it is chewed and chomped over night. For this reason, SleepGuard was developed. It relies on biofeedback to reduce clenching and grinding. The headband can be worn more comfortably, does not wear out as the mouth guards do, and it sells for less money currently.

Clenching of the teeth can be felt in the temples. A simple finger to the temple while chewing demonstrates this fact. The head back reads those contractions of the muscle and using that information will sound a quiet alarm when the force or frequency is excessive. Over time – with daytime training – a person will stop the clenching and grinding at the sound without being conscious of it.

Clinical trials suggest that the apparatus is not for everyone. In fact, twenty percent of patients reported little or no improvement. However, there is hope, for the larger percentage of participants reported a noticeable improvement in their pain levels.

A Waco dentist might not be ready to suggest the switch from mouth guard to the biofeedback headband known as SleepGuard just yet, but the solution could prove very useful for many patients in the future. In the meantime, it is important that the American public be aware of the condition and the complications that can arise as result of it. While the pain may be bearable and the symptoms relatively minor at first, if the condition is not properly treated, it can get much worse. In some cases, that can lead to the need for surgical intervention.

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Water Damage Cleanup: Three Aspects


After a flood many homeowners find themselves in need of professional water damage repair services for their Santa Cruz, CA homes. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, be sure that you know what has to be done, so you can act fast and save as much as possible.

Carpet Drying One of the hardest things to contend with after your home has flooded is wet carpet. If it isn’t dried fast enough, mold can take hold and once that happens, the carpet won’t be salvageable. Mold is dangerous to the health of those exposed, particularly for those who are very young, elderly, or have weakened immune systems. Respiratory complications are the most common occurrence for individuals exposed to mold, but there are several even more serious conditions that can occur as well. So, it is important to get it dried out very quickly.

Water extraction simply means sucking remaining moisture from the carpet. Some of that can be removed via evaporation, but a large portion may have to be sucked out with a Wet Vac. It can be difficult to remove the moisture as a homeowner. Professionals will often rely on commercial carpet driers that blow warm dry air over the surface of the carpet speeding the rate of evaporation. The constant, high speed air flow also pushes a layer of water from the surface at the same time, so they work fast and efficiently.

In some cases, the dryers are better used atop the carpet. However, for those rugs that have a pad beneath, drying the top is not going to be enough to stop mold growth. These are not going to get dry fully unless the air is blown between the two layers.

It is important to understand, whether going it alone or hiring the professionals, in order to remove moisture from the carpet, the air above it must absorb a large quantity. This must be dealt with as well to prevent mold. It is best handled with large dehumidifiers.

Mold Removal When you can’t get the water out fast enough, mold is very likely to occur. It thrives in wet environments and can spread rapidly. Mold actually exists in the vast majority of homes, but to a much lesser degree than one will see after flooding. Whenever it is spotted, it should be contended with immediately. This spread of spores generally begins within thirty-six hours of flooding.

When tackling mold problems, you should be sure to wear respiratory protection and ensure that you cover as much of your skin as possible. The experts even suggest that you dress in clothes that you don’t mind losing. It might be necessary to trash them after the cleaning process is complete. Keep your eyes protected with goggles and use gloves whenever touching anything that has mold growing on it.

If the area of mold is large, it is better to call the professionals in mold damage removal to your Watsonville, CA home. Whenever anyone is working on mold removal in your home, it is important to ensure proper ventilation, which means keeping windows open to the room while you work. You will have to trash porous items that have evidence of mold growth on them and are wise to cover ducts and turn off the furnace and air conditioner to ensure that mold spores are not redirected to other areas of the home during the clean-up.

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Maintaining Your Roof: What You Can Do Now

houston roof

Any homeowner in Houston, upon learning that they need to replace their roof, is likely to go into sticker shock once they see how much it is going to cost. It is true that one of the biggest investments you will have to make in regards to your home, aside from putting on any additions or major renovations, is the roof. Every day thousands of people in the United States are shocked to discover that their roof is in such disrepair that it needs to be replaced. But is there anything that you can do in order to prevent your roof from falling apart prematurely?

Regular Inspections

Almost all roofing contractors say that regular inspections of your roof is one of the best ways to ensure roof repair in Sugar Land won’t be necessary. Once or twice a year you should climb onto the roof in order to check everything out and to make sure that there is no damage on the roof. If you do happen to find damage it is advisable to contact your local roofing contractor as quickly as you can so that they can survey the area for themselves. They will be the best ones to tell you whether you should repair your roof or whether you should replace the whole thing.


It is also extremely important to inspect your gutters. Gutters themselves do not generally cause roof problems but blockages in gutters can. Gutters are another thing that many homeowners tend to ignore assuming that they will always work perfectly – they will not. Anytime you have a serious storm it is a good idea to go up on to your roof and to check the gutters. If you see any debris in them, clean them out as this will definitely help to increase the longevity of your roof. In order to remember to check your roof and gutters at least once or twice a year you may want to pick a specific, memorable date to do so. For instance a holiday like Memorial Day or Labor Day would be the perfect time to take an hour to climb up onto the roof to inspect the whole thing.


Another common roofing problem are overhanging branches. A little tree trimming will go a very long way towards keeping your roof looking, and working, perfectly. It is a good idea to remove branches that are within 10 feet of the roof so that not only are you avoiding having leaves or pine needles fall onto the roof, which can then decay and damaged the roof, you will also help to keep critters like squirrels or other rodents off of the roof as well. Squirrels especially tend to enjoy nibbling on siding or, even worse, on asphalt shingles. If you are unable to remove the branches it is a good idea to wrap a large piece of sheet metal, roughly 2 feet wide, around nearby tree trunks. Make sure they are 6 to 8 feet above the ground as this will help to prevent squirrels from climbing up the tree.

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Five Toothbrush Tips For You and Your Family


It is an everyday task in the average American household, but there are a lot of questions that linger around the topic of brushing ones teeth. While any dentist in Bastrop, Texas will commend you for making the effort to care for your teeth, Chad Byler, DDS, PA wants you to know the right way and the wrong way to handle your toothbrush. Here are a few things about your home dental tool that you might not have been aware of.

How to store your toothbrush There has been a great deal of controversy about this topic ever since major news sources pointed out the potential for microscopic particles of toilet water to travel rather far distances when flushed. However, dentists still recommend that toothbrushes be rinsed after use and stored in open air. This provides a quicker dry time and a less suitable environment for bacteria than would be the case if the toothbrush was tucked away in a container of some sort. In order to prevent your brush from being contaminated with toilet water, be sure to close the lid before each flush and store your toothbrush as far away from it as possible.

Should you share At times, when traveling or visiting family, a person may forget to bring a toothbrush along. This should not be taken as an excuse to share another person’s brush. Dentists strongly agree that sharing toothbrushes invites new bacteria into the mouth and makes it possible to share disease or infection. If you do not have a toothbrush with you and cannot get a new one easily, then place a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and brush all of the surfaces of your teeth.

How often to replace It is suggested that a toothbrush be replaced once per month. If, after that amount of time, the bristles show little wear and tear, then the individual using it may not be brushing often or long enough. On the other hand, if the bristles are mutilated before the thirty days expires, then the owner of the brush is likely biting on it or using too much force to clean his or her teeth. This can wear down enamel, which is actually bad for the teeth. If you are brushing hard because you think it will give you whiter teeth, a better bet is to schedule a teeth whitening service in Bastrop, Texas.

How to choose the best There are a few different factors that weigh into the equation when measuring the worth of a toothbrush. While toothbrushes seem to be getting larger from year to year, you should make an effort to choose a size that will comfortably reach the back of your mouth, to the furthest teeth. Most people are best to choose soft bristles, which provide a good cleaning without being overly abrasive to the enamel, but they should also seek out the ADA seal that suggests the toothbrush has undergone rigorous testing.

When to brush In general, the recommendation is that a person brush at least twice per day, with the ideal being a good cleaning after each meal. However, there are certain foods that are corrosive, in a sense. Highly acidic foods can eat away at enamel. While one might think that this suggests the needs for more regular brushings, the truth is that these foods are best followed by a glass of water to water away the acidity and a person should wait thirty minutes before brushing his or her teeth to avoid rubbing the acid into the enamel.

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Double Duty: A Roof as a Patio

A rooftop to many people is nothing more than a covering for the house. However, there is much more than can be done with the top of your home. Patio roofing material is readily available today, so homeowners and even commercial property owners can create a high standing place to enjoy the outdoors. These materials are made of metal, wood, vinyl, or plastic. While there is no right answer, there are many things to consider while you ponder which decking material is the best match for your rooftop.

One must consider his or her own personal needs as well as the climate restrictions of the area before choosing patio materials. If you don’t know whether or not your roof can support the added weight of a patio, definitely call professional roofers for more information.

In addition to the physical and climatologically restrictions placed on the project, the visual appearance of the materials will likely matter. Some varieties of decking materials are more eye-appealing than others, which will matter to those whose rooftop patio will be easily visible to neighbors or passersby. It could also significantly affects curb appeal, should the homeowner decide to sell in the near future.

Metal roof repair patio material is very durable, able to meld to nearly any style of patio, widely available to the public, and tends to be among the most affordable selections. Unfortunately, this is not a product for the do-it-yourselfer. Its installation will require a professional touch in order to avoid costly mistakes that could cause serious damage the roof. Furthermore, one must choose the right metal components to support the weight of those who walk- and sit on it. It is also important to recognize that many metals absorb heat, so the right materials can help to prevent excessive temperature changes on the patio.

Wood, which is regularly used for ground-level decking, is also great overhead. Contractors love it because it is easy to work with, very durable, and can work with nearly any design. Wood can also be used to create a pergola to provide shade from the hot Texas sun. It is important to note, however, that wood must be properly maintained and is susceptible to water damage. That means that it may not be the right choice in very wet climates, but can be an excellent selection in moderate climates.

More and more often roofers are working with vinyl and plastic composites for the purpose of building rooftop patios. These materials are available in a wide color range, require no maintenance, and come in many different patterns. They, too, can be built up to provide shade, but it is important to recognize that the light-weight material is more susceptible to high winds that some of the other options. This makes them a risky choice in areas with regular wind storms.

Before you go ahead and begin a rooftop patio project, be absolutely certain that the structure of the home or building can support the added weight. A professional roofer should be able to help answer your questions and concerns.

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HCG Diet & The Truth About Cellulite

For many women in this country and beyond, the thought of cottage cheese conjures images of the back of their legs, butt, or abdomen. Cellulite is a very common and unsightly condition that produces a dimpled or lumpy look to skin. It is generally seen on a person’s thighs, stomach, or buttocks areas of the body and is far more common in women than men. Though it is a purely cosmetic issue, it costs this country a lot of money each year as women seek a solution.

What Causes it? The skin condition is caused by fat deposits that are pressed together within the body, but divided by thick collagen fibers. As the fat deposits grow larger, they create bulges at skin level, which, of course, have valleys as a result of the collagen fibers dividing them.

Who Can Get Cellulite? Though this condition is more common in heavier set women, even thin people can have cellulite. This is because thinner skin makes cellulite more apparent. So, skinny people with very thin skin can see the same dimpling as people with much larger fat deposits. There are risk factors, aside from thin skin. The first of these is simply being female. However, it is a genetic condition and can occur more often in certain races as well. For instance, white women are more likely to see it than Asian women. Hormonal changes and natural aging can also make it a more likely problem for a woman.

Can I prevent it? Cellulite can get worse if you practice irregular periods of dieting. When you consistently lose and then regain weight, regularly repeating the pattern, cellulite is likely to become a larger issue. A diet high in carbohydrates is also a bad move when trying to avoid the lumps and bumps. Regular diet, exercise, retaining a healthy body weight, and staying hydrated are the very best ways to keep your skin smooth.

Common Myth Some women have come to believe that tanning is the best way to hide the effects of cellulite. While darker skin may make it less obvious, the cellulite could become worse as a result of the regular UV exposure. UV rays damage the integrity of the skin, making it thinner, and thereby making cellulite more pronounced in the long run.

Getting Rid of It It can be a challenge to leave cellulite in the past, but it is not impossible. The Austin HcGdiet can help you reduce the look of cellulite and has helped many women enjoy an improved overall look. When the fat deposits shrink, the appearance of cellulite fades. If weight, though, is not the issue, then you will need to concentrate on skin health. Using cosmetic products that improve the health and thickness of the skin can also help to create a smoother look to the skin. This includes retinol cream, methylxanthine cream, and many herbal creams. You might also consider massage or lipomassage the next time you are at the spa for a facial. Austin laser spas are often prepared to help tighten the skin and improve its overall health with special massage techniques or a process called lipomassage that combines massage and suction to encourage a reduction in the signs of cellulite. It may require several sessions to see the desired outcome, but can be well worth it for women who have tried everything else to get rid of the orange peel like look of their skin. There are also laser devices that can assist in the efforts.

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Smiling Pretty in Austin

Life can get very busy, with working, family obligations, and social activities; one thing after another can keep you constantly on the go. When life gets busy, it is easy to neglect the one thing people notice most about you, your smile. Smiling pretty is great, especially when you have the confidence to really smile, and are not holding back because you know your teeth are less than pretty.

Your Austin Dentist can help you bring back the luster, shine, and whiteness of your smile. Even if your teeth are unevenly stained, you can have them taken care of so that they look even and whiter than ever before. Austin teeth whitening will give you more options than simply purchasing a cheap whitening kit from a department store. When you go to your dentist for whitening, you will be given two options: an in-office procedure or a take-home kit. The take-home kit is effective and may work great. You will need to apply the whitening agent each day for a few hours, wearing it on a tray over your teeth. That may be the difficult part, but within a couple of weeks you will have completed the process, and see that it has worked wonders for your smile. The in-office procedure has a higher success rate of making your teeth even whiter and in less time. You may have to return for more than one visit, but the results will be whiter teeth, and greater self-esteem and confidence in your smile. A trained dental professional will apply the solution and make sure you have exactly the right amount for your needs.

Maybe having less than white teeth is not your main problem. You can have a general appointment for a dental checkup to see the options available for any dental problem, no matter how large or how small. One thing many people want to improve when they reach adulthood is a slightly crooked smile. If you have teeth that don’t line up correctly, but are not crooked enough so that you would have had to wear braces as a teen, then there may be a solution for you to put your smile in a higher gear.

Invisalign is a procedure which can help correct slightly crooked or misaligned teeth in the Austin, Texas area. The clear, flexible, removable aligners are fitted to your mouth, and replaced every two weeks to accommodate the movement which has already occurred. This process usually takes place from ten to sixteen months, and is a great way to improve the quality of your smile without it being obviously noticeable to those around you. They will not even notice the clear aligner which will be placed over your teeth as it is not readily visible.

As your teeth become whiter, and more aligned, you will find yourself smiling more, and knowing you look awesome. No more trying to hide your smile when the camera comes out, just a big smile on your face. You will be smiling pretty, and rather than wanting to hide your teeth, you will be showing them off in all their new found beauty.

When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

For the average person, the situation has to be fairly severe before they ever think about going to their local emergency room. This is not only because of the high costs that are associated with an emergency room visit, but also because of the long waits and a general fear of the doctor. But you know if you break a bone, or become severely sick without much warning, that you need to visit the emergency room. But do you know when you should visit the emergency dentist?

What Is an Emergency Dentist?

While we all know what an emergency room is, most of us don’t know what an emergency dentist is, or what they are there for. An emergency dentist can be different from your typical emergency room, because, most often, the dentist is actually not on the property twenty-four hours a day. In your local emergency room, a doctor is actually required to be in residence at all times. At an emergency dentist’s office, however, they are not. Most emergency dentists’ offices have dentists who are on-call, and who will come in when needed. That’s why you may want to call your emergency dentist’s office first before you visit, for while some do have dentists on call, many do not.

When to Visit

So when do you visit an emergency dentist, and what type of situation can wait for your dental practice to open? Most tooth situations are things that are long-term and can wait for your dentist’s office to open, but some situations do require emergent care. How do you know the difference? In general, if it’s something that is giving you a great amount of pain suddenly, not something that is slowly coming on, then you should try to get into immediate care. For instance, most of the time a cavity is not something that requires emergency care. Most cavities are picked up during a routine visit to the dentist, which is why it is recommended that you visit once every six months at the very least. Sometimes, however, a cavity will become severe, and the tooth will abscess. If this occurs then you may need to see an emergency dentist in order to get pain relievers and antibiotics that will help to dull the pain until you can book an appointment with your regular dentist.

When dealing with periodontal disease, you may find that the same type of emergent situation occurs, but most often the situation can be dealt with by making regular appointments with your dentist. If, however, you have a tooth that suddenly falls out, due to disease, or that is knocked out by accident, then you should definitely seek emergency care. Many times the difference between saving the tooth, and not saving it, is whether the person sought out emergency care or not. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to call your local emergency dentist, for while the bill may be a bit steeper, it can help you avoid being in a great deal of pain, and it may even save your tooth.

About the Author: Denver Smith has extensive experience in the dental field and actively consults in this industry

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Since 2002, the Austin City Limits Music Festival has been one of the must see music events in Austin, and this year is certainly no exception. With 3 days, 8 stages, and 74 bands all in one festival, the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival is an epic event. The 2010 festival will take place October 8th-10th. You can choose between single day passes for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, or a three day pass. Three day pass holders are given a wristband which allows them re-entry into the festival for the entire event. Single day pass holders may not re-enter the festival once they leave. Once you have your tickets, what are your travel options?

The festival is held at 2100 Barton Springs Road in beautiful 46 acre Zilker Park. To help keep the park looking beautiful, no parking is allowed at the festival site. A free shuttle is provided to concert goers to and from the event site. The shuttle service will run from 10am-11pm all weekend long, and be sure to visit the farmers market on Saturday the 9th at the shuttle site from 9am-1pm. You may also take a taxi to the gates, get dropped off by a friend, or ride your bike to the grounds. Bike racks are provided at the main gates. Though camping is not permitted inside the park, there are many camping options in the Austin area. If a night in a tent is not your idea of a good time, there are many hotels options in the downtown Austin area.

This year’s lineup is an eclectic mix. The Eagles, Muse, Phish, The Strokes, M.I.A., The Flaming Lips, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Norah Jones, Sonic Youth, and Blues Traveler are just a few of the 74 bands that will be appearing at this year’s event. Performances start at 11am and last until 10pm every day. There is something for everyone, even the kids. Children under 10 are admitted free with a paid adult admission. The Austin Kiddie Limits area has lots of great activities for your kids to enjoy. There are several music workshops where they can learn to play the drums and guitar with real instruments or you can attend the hip hop workshop and learn to rhyme, scratch, and beat box where you’ll receive a CD of your mix to take home. Once your little one has learned to play, they can look the part with temporary tattoos and punk hairdo booths. If they are tired of rocking out, they can relax in the H-E-B Zilker Beach area and build a sand castle or relax in the shade.

In between shows you can enjoy a wide array of art, food, and other activities. The SoCo Art Market, located near the Wildflower Center Stage, is a great place to browse what the art community of Austin has to offer. Austin Eats Food Court has a wide array of food to please any palate, including pizza, sandwiches, pasta primavera, bbq, tacos, and everything in between. There are also many fine beverage and desert choices.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is sure to be a memorable experience for the whole family. If you choose to go for an afternoon or immerse yourself for the whole weekend, there are many exciting options for you to enjoy.